November at Black Creek: Fall Fun to Warm the Heart

The vibrant fall colours are beginning to wane and the frost has settled in, but there’s still so much to see and do at Black Creek Pioneer Village.

This time of the year, it’s all about preparing for the festive season and celebrating time with family and friends. Check out our latest video to find out everything that’s happening at the Village in November.

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Hi there, I’m Blythe, a history actor here at Black Creek Pioneer Village. Well, it’s November when the chill in the air makes us think of Christmastime. Here at the Village, we’re not just thinking of Christmastime, we’re getting ready to celebrate too.

From November 19th until December 23rd, come to the Village to enjoy festive weekend celebrations, marvel at traditional tastes of the season like flaming plum puddings, roasted chestnuts, apple cider, and mince meat tarts. Make a decoration to trim your tree, see a Christmas themed show, or join in a Victorian dance.

If building gingerbread houses is one of your family holiday traditions, why not enter your creation in the Black Creek Gingerbread Village Contest? Create a replica of one of the Village’s historic buildings and enter your work in the contest. Bring your creation to the Village on November 27th for judging from two to 4pm and enjoy free admission. To enter the contest and view the exciting prizes, visit our website,

That’s all for now, see you at the village!