Eagle Feather Ceremony Honours Indigenous Youth Program Participants

This past summer four indigenous youth began a journey paving the way for generations to come. They named this journey Healing of a Flooded Valley. It was later translated into Anishnaabemowin, Manitoulin dialect, and the program name became Nikibii Dawadinna Giigwag (Flooded Valley Healing).

While on the land and near the waters of the Highland Creek flood plain, the youth from Nikibii Dawadinna Giigwag each received an eagle feather. Their dedication, courage, and leadership shown while participating in this summer program, was exceptional. Receiving an eagle feather is a great honour and shows the individual has accomplished good things for the community, their families and themselves.

Elder Whabagoon led the gifting of the eagle feathers with ceremony to honour the youth, Aron, Avery, Ella and Miles. The youths’ families and friends, mentors and program funders, were all in attendance.

Miigwetch to Kaaren Dannenmann of Red Lake for the gifting of the eagle feathers.

Miigwetch to Tracy Jobin, of the Native Canadian Centre Toronto, Cedar Basket, for the beading of the feathers and for making the feather cases.

Chi-Miigwetch to our translators Kimiwan Jo Phipps Thomas, Clara Decontie and Stuart McGregor.

Miigwetch to the wonderful funders, mentors and supporters of the Nikibii Dawadinna Giigwag program. We look forward to many future opportunities with this program.”

Traditional indigenous eagle feather cases