Rural Clean Water Program – Dufferin County

In 2017, Dufferin County and partners initiated the Dufferin Rural Water Quality Program (RWQP) to help improve the water quality in Dufferin County.

This county-wide program provides technical and financial assistance to agricultural landowners to enable them to voluntarily implement best management practices that improve and protect water quality.

The program builds on the Upper Grand Rural Water Quality Program which was established in 2008 with input from the local agricultural community.

The benefits of improved water quality include a safe secure water supply, a healthy aquatic ecosystem, increased recreational opportunities, sustainable agricultural operations and a vibrant economy.

Albion Hills Community Farm


For more information or to discuss your project and arrange a site visit, please contact: | 437-224-4347


Project Types Funded

The Dufferin RWQP funds a wide variety of Best Management Practices. Financial incentives will be offered as a grant to share the implementation costs of a project.

RWQP grants may be combined (stacked) with funding from other sources. Where landowners receive funds through another program, the grant rates will be adjusted to ensure that landowners do not receive more than 100% towards the cost of their projects.

Applicants must inform RWQP staff if receiving cost share funding from other sources.

Completion of an Environmental Farm Plan (or Rural Landowner Stewardship Guide) is required prior to grant/incentive payment.

The following table outlines the eligible project categories and corresponding grant rates available to farmers and rural non-farm landowners:

Eligible Project Grant Rate Maximum Grant Performance Incentive
Clean Water Diversion 50% $3,000
Exclusion Fencing 75-100% $5,000
Nutrient Management Plans 75-100% $2,000
Erosion Control Structures 50% $5,000
Machinery Crossing Improvements 50% $3,000
Cover Crops $40/acre. Up to 40 acres
Living Snow Fences 100% $5,000 $450/acre years 1-3 and $200/acre years 4-10.
Tree Planting and Fragile Land Retirement 75% $5,000
Wetland Creation 50% $5,000
Wellhead Decommission 100% $1,000
Innovative Technologies Innovative technologies and projects that do not conform to RWQP guidelines are considered by the Steering Committee on a project by project basis.

Program Eligibility

For information on program eligibility, how to apply, and limitations on grants, please refer to the program guideline.


The map below illustrates the Dufferin Rural Water Quality Program’s area of eligibility for landowner participation in Dufferin County. Landowners should contact their respective Conservation Authority for assistance.

TRCA jurisdiction in Dufferin County