Hazardous Conditions at Scarborough Bluffs

Previously updated: April 26, 2018

UPDATE: Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) crews have removed the debris that was blocking the trails near the Doris McCarthy Trail and the Guild construction route and access to the water’s edge has been restored.

Landslides along the Scarborough Bluffs occur every year, all year long. The bluff erosion along this section of shoreline is a result of surface water flowing over the bluff edge, groundwater moving through the bluff face and wave action at the bottom of the bluff pulling material away, causing slumping.

There are several sections of the Scarborough Bluffs, like the Doris McCarthy Trail, that are very active, especially in the spring.

aerial view of Scarborough Bluffs looking west

TRCA has advised the public to use extreme caution adjacent to the Lake Ontario shoreline during high water level events, not only due to wave action but the potential for landslides.

TRCA is monitoring the Scarborough area very closely to determine if further cautions need to be put in place to address public safety.

Members of the public are asked to stay well inside the fenced areas at the top of the bluffs, as many of these areas have had recent landslides, further compromising the bluff edge.