Principles of Flight and Kite Flying

Facility: Kortright Centre for Conservation
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Program Levels:
Grade 6
Course Types:
Afternoon, Day Visit, Morning

Investigate the theories of flight through a series of experiments designed to demonstrate Bernoulli’s principles. Fly kites in the open fields of the Kortright Centre.

Curriculum connections: Science and Technology; Structures and Mechanisms – Grade 6: Flight

Engage your students in the mystery of flight at the Kortright Centre. To gain a better understanding of thrust, drag, lift, and weight in flight, students view a mounted bird specimen and examine the different parts of a bird associated with flight (wings, tail, muscle placement, bones). Hands-on experiments assist students in identifying the properties of air in relation to flight and learn how Bernoulli’s Principle works. While outside on the Kortright trails, students will investigate how seeds use flight for dispersal, and use anemometers to measure wind direction and speed. Students fly kites provided by the Kortright Centre to put theory into action!

Programs always have an outdoor component. Groups should dress for the conditions on the day of their visit. Before your visit, please discuss the importance of dressing appropriately for outdoor activities. On days of inclement weather the program will be modified to include some indoor activities along with the outdoor components.

Half Day, April to October