Scarborough Bluffs Notice of Caution

TRCA’s Scarborough Waterfront Team is warning of risks due to landslides and shoreline erosion along the Bluffs.

Since April approximately 15 significant landslides have occurred along the Scarborough Bluffs shoreline, with additional landslides predicted to occur

Erosive activity can create washout on the lakeside edge of the trail. This washout is not always visible when standing on the trail, if water levels are high. This poses a risk to users as the edges of the paths are being compromised. Just like the edges of the Bluffs, the path edge can slide at any moment under these conditions (see image below).

path washout on the Scarborough Waterfront

Additionally, many of the beaches within the project area have been affected by the water levels. Where there was once a gentle slope to the water’s edge, in many locations there is now a now drastic eroded shelve created by the wave action (see photos below)

beach erosion on the Scarborough Waterfront

The Project Team would like to caution the public who walk along or up/down the Scarborough Bluffs and waterfront areas. The Bluffs have become saturated with water. Landslides are more likely to occur in these conditions. Paths are being eroded, as well as the beach.

Signs have been posted in areas where access is temporarily being prohibited for your safety.

No access sign and fencing on the Scarborough Bluffs