Young Conservation Professionals: Project Management Workshop

October 8, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Stanley Park Community Centre
505 Franklin St N
ON N2A 4K7
$25 +HST

Everything you do can be treated as a “project”. Projects can be short-scale, measured over weeks between concept and delivery, or complex, multi-phased, multi-year and multi-million dollar in scale!

Regardless of size, embedding and understanding the principles of project management is one way to help stay on track as you navigate projects to success.

This session will offer a broad overview of project management through the lens of a greenspace manager. It will focus on:

  • Planning for success in all projects
  • How scope, budget and time are critical to understanding any project
  • How taking a project-based perspective to all work tasks can help deliver clarity

Participants can expect to leave with a basic understanding of fundamental elements relevant to typical conservation authority work, which they can start to apply immediately.

Participants looking to take the learning further will be introduced to resources they might like to explore afterwards.