Nature in Your Classroom – Soils

May 5, 2021 @ 2:00 pm – 2:30 pm
YouTube live
Raja Raudsepp

Bring us into your classroom – virtually!

Our Watershed on Wheels educators are going live on YouTube with curriculum-connected lessons about the natural world!

As you tune in along with other classes across the GTA, you and your students can ask questions in real-time during the livestream lesson. Please note, in the interest of fostering a healthy livestream chat conversation, we encourage teachers of virtual classrooms to screen-share with students rather than asking them to log in individually. A YouTube account is required in order to include your questions in the livestream chat.

On Wednesday, May 5, we’re digging into the world of soils and inviting your grade 3 students to join us! Why is soil so important? Isn’t it just dirt? Nope! Soils are incredible systems teeming with life. We’ll take a closer look at the ground beneath our feet, discover why healthy soil is so important, and what we can do to help it be healthy. We’ll even meet some of the living things we don’t usually think about, quietly working away in the soil!

To receive a worksheet for this livestream, please request one here:

Address fields can be filled in using your board’s address if teaching virtually.
Select “Grade 3 – Soils” in the drop-down menu and click “continue”. You will receive a link to access the worksheet.

The curriculum addressed in this livestream is Grade 3 Science, Soils in the Environment.
We will focus on the following big ideas:

  • Soil is made up of living and non-living things.
  • Soil is an essential source of life and nutrients for many living things.
  • Living things, including humans, interact with soils and can cause positive or negative changes.

No registration needed, just tune in at our YouTube channel at 2 p.m.!

Looking forward to digging deep with you!

Keep your eyes on the TRCA events calendar for information about more Nature in Your Classroom livestreams this spring!