Nature in Your Classroom – Microplastics

December 2, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 10:30 am
YouTube live
William Sorley

Nature in Your Classroom - Microplastics

Bring us into your classroom – virtually!

Our Watershed on Wheels educators are going live on YouTube with curriculum-connected lessons about the natural world!

As you tune in along with other classes across the GTA, you and your students can ask questions in real-time during the livestream lesson. Please note, in the interest of fostering a healthy livestream chat conversation, we encourage teachers of virtual classrooms to screen-share with students rather than asking them to log in individually. A YouTube account is required in order to include your questions in the livestream chat.

On Wednesday, December  2, our lesson will address microplastics. We will share what microplastics are and examine how their presence in aquatic ecosystems can impact the sustainability of those environments.

The curriculum addressed in this livestream is Grade 8 Science, Water Systems and will be focused on the following Overall Expectations:

  • Assessing the impact of human activities and technologies on the sustainability of water resources
  • Investigating factors that affect local water quality

No registration is needed, just tune into at 10 am!

A worksheet can be made available to print off in advance for your students to have in front of them during the livestream. If you are interested in receiving a worksheet you may request one by emailing Raja Raudsepp at

We are looking forward to examining the story of microplastics with you!

Keep your eyes on the TRCA events calendar for information about Nature in Your Classroom livestreams in 2021!