Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge Webinar #3

Online Webinar
$50 +HST Tickets

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Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge webinars help municipal energy and/or facilities managers drill into their energy data allowing them to prioritize action. The innovative MMC data-centric, performance based approach to energy management identifies the most practical, simple, and high payback energy measures you can take to save energy.

In this webinar, just in time for the new arena season, we will be going beyond your targeted base electricity savings to dig deep into how data-logging can be used to assess operations and uncover conservation opportunities in ice plants and other big electricity users. Showcasing results of the data analysis for participating community centres clearly demonstrates the value and the business case for our LDCs to provide data-logging services, and for larger municipalities to acquire their own equipment. We will examine the year-to-date savings of all the community centres, and profile a top-saving municipality and what they are doing to achieve their results.