Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge Webinar #2

Online Webinar
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Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge webinars help municipal energy and/or facilities managers drill into their energy data allowing them to prioritize action. The innovative MMC data-centric, performance based approach to energy management identifies the most practical, simple, and high payback energy measures you can take to save energy.

2016 in Review presents the big picture of actual energy, utility cost and emissions savings for the whole of last year, together with the updated savings potential, based on 2016 energy use, for every community centre participating in the Community Centre Challenge. Profiles of the top-saving community centres provide insights into common factors and unique approaches to achieving big savings. We continue the data-driven journey, this time focusing on thermal energy – how the differences between base and heating gas use in similar facilities point to operational inefficiencies which can deliver big savings! This analysis will again be brought to life using the data and experience of a member municipality.