Ancient Technologies

October 14, 15, 21, 22

This four part course will take you back in time to the ancient woodland setting of the Kortright Centre. Join expert outdoorsman Jonathan Thompson to learn about the four essential elements of survival: fire, shelter, water and food. Learn the art of fire by friction and make your own fire-bow kit to take home. This course will cover a variety of important skills essential to survival including cordage, tracking, shelter building, finding potable water and foraging.

Session 1: Shelter

This session will cover the basics of shelter building: site location, types of shelters, dead space/trapped air and natural vs modern shelters.

This information will be put into practice through building a debris hut and lean to shelter with natural materials if available like grasses. You will also build a ‘super shelter’ which will incorporate modern materials including tarp/parachute clear plastic, mylar foil, raised wooden platform, hoops bent over platform for support of tarps/plastic.

Session 2: Water

The session will start with a lecture on water covering location/ sources, purification techniques natural and modern, wild teas, containers.

The you will be purifying water using both materials harvested on site some materials that will be provided like cloth, containers/ teapots. You will also learn to make wild teas on a candian bush stove.

Session 3: Fire

The session will start with a lecture on fire building covering types of firelighting and natural vs modern technology. Then the group will collect materials for bow drill/ handdrill friction firesandattempt to make friction fires. You will also practice modern firelighting techniques including making charred cloth and using flint strikers.

Session 4: Food

The session will begin with a lecture covering the top five wild edibles and food procurement including fishing, hunting, trapping and stalking wild game. Then time will be spent making a variety of traps and other tools like an atlatls, rabbit sticks and arrowheads. You will also be cooking over the fire and learning various cooking techniques.