2017 Class 2 Backpack Electrofishing Crew Leader Certification Course

TRCA Boyd Office
9755 Canada Company Ave
Woodbridge, ON L4H 2V2
Jeff Vandenberg

This course is offered as a one day training workshop designed to certify crew leaders in the use of backpack Electrofishing equipment.

The main emphasis of this course is the safe use of backpack electroshocking units. The topics covered will include protective equipment, safe procedures and backups or failsafes. The course will also include the fundamentals of electrical theory. There is also a practical component to the course for which participants will be required to demonstrate safe electrofishing practices in the field. Instruction will be provided by a Class 1 OMNR certified instructor and meets OMNR policy standards.

Who should attend?

This course is intended for field crews, consultants and resource managers who are involved in fisheries surveys, and management.

Learning Objectives:

1. Safe operation and protective equipment used in electrofishing operations
2. Minimizing/eliminating potential harm to fish.
3. Proper electrofishing settings to maximize capture efficiency.
4. Understand and apply concepts presented in the electrofishing lecture

Additional Information

Participants should be prepared for field work. A field lunch will be provided.
Participants are required to bring their own leak free, non-breathable chest waders, as well as polarized sunglasses.
Please indicate what additional equipment you are able to bring: backpack electrofisher, nets, gloves, buckets
Cancellation Policy: The deadline to withdraw your registration is Friday, May 5. If you cancel after this date you will be subject to a $50.00 (+tax) charge.