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A Watershed Plan for Duffins Creek and Carruthers Creek, completed in 2003, was the result of a three year effort involving local and regional municipal governments, watershed residents and non-government organisations.

It is an example of emerging approaches for watershed management in Ontario, reflecting a continuum of advancements in adapting ecosystem and sustainability principles.

As of 2015, TRCA and the Region of Durham have commenced an exercise to update the 2003 watershed plan for Carruthers Creek. For more information about the watershed plan update, including how you can be involved, visit, or you can contact us at

Watershed Plans and Supporting Documents

Carruthers Creek Watershed Plan Technical Reports, 2017

Carruthers Creek Watershed Plan Phase 1 Report, HydrogeologyHydrogeology Carruthers Creek Watershed Plan: Headwater DrainagHeadwater Drainage Features CCWP Fluvial Geomorphology Matrix 2017 FinalFluvial Geomorphology Carruthers Creek Watershed Plan, Aquatic EcologyAquatic Ecology
Carruthers Creek Watershed Plan, Aquatic BarriersAquatic Barriers Carruthers Creek Terrestrial 2017Terrestrial Carruthers Creek Watershed Plan 2017 Water QualitySurface Water Quality Carruthers Creek Watershed Plan Phase 1 Tech Report AbstractsAbstracts

Carruthers Creek Watershed Plan, 2003

Background Technical Reports

Watershed Report Cards