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Carruthers Creek Watershed Plan

Carruthers Creek watershed was included in comprehensive watershed planning by TRCA for neighbouring Duffins Creek in 2003.

In 2015, TRCA began a new Watershed Plan for Carruthers Creek, in partnership with the Region of Durham.

Given its small size — approximately 3,690 hectares (9,118 acres) — its physiography, and the extent of existing urbanization, Carruthers Creek watershed has a finite and limited assimilative capacity.

There are a number of key issues to consider when studying Carruthers Creek watershed:

  • Sensitivity of the watershed to additional changes in hydrology, including consideration of flooding and erosion impacts.
  • Extent of the natural heritage system to be conserved or protected, in order to provide long-term biodiversity in the watershed and mitigate urban development impacts.
  • How previous urban development, especially since the 2003 watershed plan, has affected watershed health.
  • The existing urban areas south of Highway 7 also merit special consideration, particularly the cumulative impacts, since these areas are subject to flood and erosion vulnerability, especially south of Bayly Street. Opportunities for mitigation will be identified and explored.

TRCA will assess the technical findings from the first phase of the project in order to develop management recommendations, and integrate information to create the final Watershed Plan. There will be public consultation throughout the process, you can visit the project website.

To view the technical reports from the first phase of the Watershed Plan, please visit Resources

Should you require documents in an accessible format, please email, or call 416.661.6600, extension 5937.