The Living City Campus

Located at the Kortright Centre for Conservation, The Living City Campus is Canada’s largest environmental and renewable energy education and demonstration centre.

The Living City Campus adapts the concept of a university or college campus to address the sustainability challenges of today — and tomorrow.

Like a traditional campus, it is centered around a collection of facilities – Living City Labs – dedicated to increasing awareness and adoption of innovative low-carbon, green infrastructure solutions.

The Living City Campus, however, is more than a physical place. It is part of the international BRE Innovation Parks Network dedicated to showcasing the brightest sustainability solutions, technologies and ideas the world has to offer.

solar test site at the Living City Campus

Bringing Sustainability to Life

Over the past 10 years, we have constructed a number of Living City Labs at The Campus to help advance new concepts in green infrastructure and building design, and provide a controlled environment for the evaluation of innovative products and practices.

The Labs are equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring instruments and integrated into a central data acquisition and storage network that allows for real-time performance displays and enables our partners to have easy access to data.

Experienced staff from TRCA’s Sustainable Technology Evaluation Program (STEP) work closely with our academic partners to design and equip the laboratories, conduct independent third-party product evaluations and provide logistical services tailored to client needs.

TRCA also helps to communicate results and provide best practices guidance to industry.

For more information on The Living City Campus and to get involved, please visit our websites.