Action Plan Development

To understand existing conditions and local interests, and to identify improvement opportunities in the neighbourhood, the SNAP Team has undertaken rigorous technical analysis and extensive community engagement via events, surveys and one-on-one interactions with community members and groups.

Highlights from consultation at this stage of the project include:

  • Community Leaders Workshop (March 23, 2017): 25 residents, local group representatives and local area councilors participated in the workshop to identify the future vision of the neighbourhood.
  • Neighbourhood Tree Planting (October 21, 2017): 170 local residents participated in the tree planting at Adam Wallace Memorial Park, which also provided an opportunity to engage with the SNAP team and provide neighborhood improvement ideas.

West Bolton SNAP community members at tree planting event


On November 23, 2017, the SNAP Team hosted the Thought Leaders Forum to identify innovative integrated retrofits and project ideas specifically for West Bolton.

More than 50 local community members, school representatives, councilors and subject-area experts across different sustainability themes — including staff from Town of Caledon, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) and Region of Peel — participated in the Forum, which was facilitated by Ascentia.

Participants moved through a series of activities to become familiar with the history of West Bolton, understand the current conditions and, finally, to come up with a refined vision and creative project ideas for the future of this neighbourhood.

By bringing together community representatives with in-depth understanding of local needs and opportunities, as well as subject-area experts with knowledge of cutting edge sustainability practices, the SNAP team piloted a new and speedy approach to identification of innovative projects and programs to inspire development of a SNAP for West Bolton.

Skid Crease provides a great overview of the event in this article for the Just Sayin’ Caledon blog.


Based on the input provided at the Thought Leaders Forum and other engagement activities, the SNAP Team will now develop an outline of an Action Plan for West Bolton that will identify specific projects and programs to implement.

SNAP has also partnered with the University of Toronto’s Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design to develop the Action Plan concept plan and design concepts for a selection of projects.

Several engagement sessions will be organized in the neighbourhood throughout 2018 to get local input on the draft Action Plan.