TRCA Trail Program

Trails have always played an important role in building a healthier and more connected Ontario. Let’s work together to develop a world-class network of trails for everyone to use.

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is currently advancing a comprehensive vision for a fully-connected regional trail network in greenspace that connects neighbourhoods from the Oak Ridges Moraine and the Niagara Escarpment to the shoreline of Lake Ontario, where people’s engagement with nature supports community, active living and conservation for future generations. Once complete, this regional trail network will connect people to nature through recreation-based trail experiences that cross municipal and regional boundaries. This expanded and connected regional trail network will encourage active lifestyles and the health benefits associated with increased physical exercise, social inclusion and interaction. It will provide new active transportation alternatives that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the development of a clean growth economy. It will also improve equity to trails and greenspace by increasing accessibility to conservation lands and destinations of significance. Most importantly, it will help build stronger, more connected communities where residents can enjoy a high quality of life now, and in the future.

To achieve this vision, TRCA is developing the TRCA Trail Strategy. This document is a call to action to renew our collective efforts to complete the Greater Toronto Region Trail Network in this next generation of trail-building. The Strategy serves as a strategic framework to guide the planning, development and management of regional trails. It will facilitate the concerted effort of completing the network and coordinate decisions relating to regional trails within the TRCA jurisdiction. The Strategy seeks to improve collaboration between regional trail partners to maximize our shared efforts in support of trails.

The Strategy represents the first output of an ongoing TRCA Trail Program. It offers a vision expressing what we want to achieve, a concept describing our proposal, guiding principles to steer our efforts, context outlining dimensions of influence, strategic objectives to provide long-term goals that connect our vision to implementation, and initiatives and actions detailing specific plans and projects required to achieve our objectives. The Strategy sets in motion the activities required to complete the Greater Toronto Region Trail Network and the continuing management processes needed to sustain it. We encourage the public and our partners to use the Strategy to further our shared vision of a world-class network of trails that connects us to nature and to each other.

Public Consultation

The link below will take you to our public consultation page for the TRCA Trail Program. We look forward to receiving your valued feedback!