TRCA Trail Program

Trails have always played an important role in building a healthier and more connected Ontario. Let’s work together to develop a world-class network of trails for everyone to use.

What is the TRCA Trail Program?

The TRCA Trail Program is a long-term cross-divisional and interjurisdictional coordinated effort to build and manage trails in a smart and sustainable manner. Through this program, we seek to achieve our shared vision of a complete regional trail network, and move us closer toward The Living City® vision.

The purpose of the TRCA Trail Program is to:

  1. Set out a vision for the future of regional-level trails of significance in greenspace in the GTA;
  2. Develop a decision-making framework to guide the planning, development and management of trails;
  3. Facilitate the collaborative effort of completing a regional trail network;
  4. Coordinate decisions relating to regional trails within TRCA; and
  5. Improve collaboration between regional trail-building partners.

The TRCA Trail Program comprises three deliverables:

  1. TRCA Trail Strategy. The strategy document consists of a Vision, Guiding Principles and Strategic Objectives, Initiatives and Actions for TRCA and partners to achieve a fully connected regional trail system. We encourage the public and our partners to use the TRCA Trail Strategy to further our shared vision of a world class network of trails that connects us to nature and to each other. The TRCA Trail Strategy sets in motion the ongoing management processes required to implement the next outputs of the TRCA Trail Program.
  2. TRCA Trail Handbook.  A three-part trails reference document consists of: (1) Trail Research and Analysis; (2) Trail Planning and Design Guidelines; and (3) the Trail Construction and Management Handbook. This technical handbook will aid TRCA and our partners in the planning, development and management of the existing and expanded regional trail system.
  3. Future Work. Future work supports the ongoing implementation of the TRCA Trail Program. This work will arise from the Strategic objectives, Initiatives and Actions outlined in the TRCA Trail Strategy and through new opportunities and partnerships that emerge.

The TRCA Trail Program and completed trail network will connect people to nature through recreation-based trail experiences that cross municipal and regional boundaries. This initiative facilitates active transportation by providing an important off-road network within greenspace that links urban growth centres and connecting people safely to regional rapid transit. It also improves social equity to trails and greenspace by improving accessibility to conservation lands and destinations of significance throughout the region.

Public Consultation

The below link will take you to our public consultation page for the TRCA Trail Program. We value the public’s opinion and we look forward to receiving your feedback.