The Conservation Land Care program manages 4,820 hectares of the Toronto region’s most critical habitat.

A machine ploughing soil to build a trail

Our Operations team improves access to greenspace and trails, eliminates hazards and encroachments inventoried by the Monitoring & Assessment team, and implements management and master plans completed by the Planning & Consultation team.

Responsibilities of the Operations team include:

  • Providing basic access to facilities
  • Repairing and installing fencing
  • Disposing of garbage
  • Developing and managing trail systems
  • Developing and installing signage
  • Planning, designing and building parking facilities
  • Controlling access to greenspaces
  • Conducting public safety and security patrols
  • Enforcing TRCA policies

  • Maintaining property standards (including illegal dumping and noxious weeds)
  • Maintaining buildings and other infrastructure
  • Undertaking landscape maintenance
  • Performing resource management
  • Managing invasive species
  • Conducting hazard inspections and removals
  • Providing volunteer support
  • Coordinating and liaising with stewardship and community groups

Information related to ongoing projects managed by the Operations team can be found on the Planning & Consultation page, or on the corresponding Parks page.