The Conservation Land Care program manages 4,820 hectares of the Toronto region’s most critical habitat.

Our Operations team improves access to greenspace and trails, eliminates hazards and encroachments inventoried by the Monitoring & Assessment team, and implements management and master plans completed by the Greenspace Planning team.

Responsibilities of the Operations team include:

  • Providing basic access to facilities
  • Repairing and installing fencing
  • Disposing of garbage
  • Developing and managing trail systems
  • Developing and installing signage
  • Planning, designing and building parking facilities
  • Controlling access to greenspaces
  • Conducting public safety and security patrols
  • Enforcing TRCA policies

  • Maintaining property standards (including illegal dumping and noxious weeds)
  • Maintaining buildings and other infrastructure
  • Undertaking landscape maintenance
  • Performing resource management
  • Managing invasive species
  • Conducting hazard inspections and removals
  • Providing volunteer support
  • Coordinating and liaising with stewardship and community groups

Information related to ongoing projects managed by the Operations team can be found on the Greenspace Planning page, or on the corresponding Parks page.