Tommy Thompson Park Entrance Revitalization Project

Pavilion design rendering

Visitor experience will be improved at the entrance to Tommy Thompson Park as the City of Toronto is constructing a pavilion and redesigning the landscape. The pavilion building includes highly anticipated public washrooms, a water fountain, bike racks, outdoor gathering spaces, and storage for park programs. This small building will be complemented by separated pedestrian and bicycle access paths, a raised pedestrian area, and a formalized parking lot with vehicle access off Unwin Avenue.

Parking lot design rendering

This project will be implemented in a phased approach. Phase one will commence in August 2019 and will include construction of the pavilion, the pedestrian area, and access trails. The second phase will follow completion of the first phase and will include the parking lot revitalization.

Visitor access during Phase One:

Tommy Thompson Park remains open to the public during construction, however, on-site visitor parking is limited. Visitor access into the park at the Primary Entrance is along the new Asphalt Trail that starts at the south-east corner of the Leslie Street and Unwin Avenue intersection. Visitors parking in the parking lot may access the Asphalt Trail by exiting the parking lot at the north end and travelling east along the Martin Goodman Trail. Alternatively, visitors parking in the parking lot may access the Tommy Thompson Park Multi-Use Trail via a temporary Nature Trail at the south end of the parking lot.

Map of the construction areas

Visit, email , or call 311 for more information