Ontario Flood Risk Workshop – Presenters


Risk Communication as Participatory Praxis
Dr Vankita Brown, PhD., Social Scientist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) / National Weather Service
2018 Fall (Winter) Outlook & Extreme Rainfall Events
Jerry Shields, Weather Systems Coordinator, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
First Nation Communities for Flood Plain Mapping 
Erica Weterings, First Nation Adapt Program, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs
Updating the Ontario Flood Forecasting and Warning Guidelines
Tom Hogenbirk, P.Eng. Manager, Engineering, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
A Year In Review
Geoff Coulson, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist, Environment Canada


Prevention & Mitigation
Preparedness, Response & Recovery
City of Vaughan Black Creek Renewal Flood Remediation
Jennifer Cappola-Logullo, P.Eng., City of Vaughan; Dana Khademi, P.Eng., City of Vaughan
Continuous Data Pilot Presentation
François Rainville, Head, National Hydrometric Standards, Water Survey of Canada
Canada’s climate adaptation gap: Flood Risk Mitigation at the Household and Community Level
Dana Decent, Manager, Intact Centre on Climate, Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo
Flood Forecasting in Smaller Organizations
Joel Harrison, Water Resources Scientist, North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority
The New Employee, the New Work, and the New Workplace
Katie Cavanagh, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
The Canada-Ontario Agreement on Hydrometric Monitoring: Valuing Co-operation
Dave Burritt, P. Eng., Supervisor, Surface Water Monitoring Centre, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Floods in a Changing Climate: Risk Management
Slobodan P. Simonovic, Ph.D, P.Eng, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Western Ontario
FloodSmart Canada: Communication that Motivates and Drives Flood Risk Management in Canada
Shawna Peddle, MSc. Director, Partners for Action, Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo
Planning for Uncertainty, Preparedness, and Resilience
Fadi Masoud, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism, University of Toronto
GIS Real-time Emergency Situation Mapping Application
Gina Cliffe, CEMC, City of Cambridge Emergency Management ERIS
Perils and Prospects: Deconstructing the Risk Assessment Silo
Sarah Thompson, Risk Management Officer, Program Unit, Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management
Flooded – A Candid Account and Public Pleading from an Ontario Flood Survivor
Sarah Delicate
Brampton Riverwalk 2018
Laurian Farrell, P.Eng., Senior Manager of Environment, City of Brampton
Flood Response & Recovery, City of Clarence-Rockland, 2017
Brian Wilson, CMM III, ECFO, Director of Protective Services, City of Clarence-Rockland
How Much Do We Know About Snow: Past, Present and Future?
Christopher G. Fletcher, Associate Professor, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies, University of Waterloo
Data Sharing in a WISKI Environment
Steve Elgie, Regional Sales and Support Manager, Kisters North America
Canadian Dam Association Dam Safety Emergency Plan Guidelines
John Perdikaris, P.Eng., Senior Resources Engineer, Ontario Power Generation
Innovations and Reporting in the South Western Ontario WISKI Hub
Laura Flynn, Water Management Data Specialist & Mark A. Helsten, P.Eng., M.E.Sc., Senior Water Resources Engineer, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
Weather the Storm: Business Continuity from Preparedness to Recovery
Sophia Craig-Massey, Corporate Business Continuity Program Specialist, Regional Municipality of York
Melts and Flash Freezes: Estimating Water Content on the Landscape
Stephanie Shifflett, P.Eng., Water Resources Engineer, Grand River Conservation Authority
Enhancing Flood and Drought Forecasting Tools in the South Nation River Watershed
Sandra  Mancini, P.Eng.Team Lead, Engineering, South Nation Conservation Authority & Steven Frey, PhD, Senior Scientist, Aquanty Inc., Adjunct Assistant Research Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Waterloo
Case Study: Ice Jam Break-Ups
Dwight Boyd, P. Eng. Director of Engineering & Gus Rungis, P.Eng., Senior Engineer, Water Control, Grand River Conservation Authority
Lower Don Flood Remediation/Port Lands
Robert Chan, P.Eng., Project Engineer, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)
Geographical Information During Emergencies
Provincial Emergency Operations Centre
Overview of the Canadian Adaptive Forecasting and Early Warning System (CAFFEWS)
Dr. Paulin Coulibaly, P.Eng., Professor, Civil Engineering Dept, McMaster University, SGES, Scientific Director, NSERC Canadian FloodNet
GIS Tools in the Emergency Operations Centre
Aaron DeBoer, GIS Analyst, City of Brampton