Miles Road End Parkette Shoreline Erosion Protection Project

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), in partnership with the City of Toronto, is undertaking shoreline protection work within the Miles Road End Parkette. This work will protect the parkette against the hazards of shoreline erosion and address public safety concerns.

Project Location

The Project Area is located within Miles Road End Parkette at 4 Miles Road, Etobicoke, Ontario. The area of concern is the entire shoreline within the parkette, located southwest of Humber Bay Park West on the Lake Ontario shoreline.

Project location within Miles Road End Parkette
Project location within Miles Road End Parkette. Source: TRCA, 2022.

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Project Background

Miles Road End Parkette is one of several waterfront parks between Humber Bay Park and Colonel Samuel Smith Park.

The south section of the work area currently consists of miscellaneous concrete and rubble material, including slabs of concrete loosely stacked, that provides informal shoreline protection. The north section of the work area consists of a storm water outfall and a cobble shore.

Despite the presence of the concrete and cobble material, backshore erosion is evident throughout the shoreline within the Project Area.

These deficiencies have been exacerbated over time from high lake levels in 2017-2019, as well as extreme weather conditions including the April 2018 ice storm, and now pose a risk to public safety.

In 2022, TRCA retained W.F. Baird and Associates, a coastal engineering consulting firm, to develop detailed designs for the project to address the ongoing shoreline erosion and public safety hazards.

Concrete rubble along the south section of the project area
Concrete rubble along the south section of the project area. Source: TRCA, 2021.
Backshore erosion along south section of project area
Backshore erosion along south section of project area. Source: TRCA, 2022.
Storm water outfall within the project area.
Storm water outfall within the project area. Source: TRCA, 2021.

Scope of Work

The goal of the project is to replace the ad hoc and informal shoreline protection with a more robust and effective structure to provide erosion resistance and to better preserve adjacent usable park space. The scope/sequence of work for this project includes the following:

  • Site setup, including tree removals, installation of Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) measures and construction fencing, installation of tree protection, and the establishment of staging/stockpiling areas and construction access route
  • Removal of the existing material and construction of a revetment through placement of armourstone in a sloped configuration
  • Placement of cobble stone north of the storm water outfall to reinforce the shoreline
  • Site restoration and demobilization

The proposed modifications will allow the shoreline erosion structure to absorb wave impact and be more resilient to changing to lake levels.

Construction Information

Work is scheduled to commence in March 2023, pending receipt of all permits and approvals and is expected to be complete by July 2023.

Construction activities will involve material deliveries to the parkette by truck via Miles Road. As a result, please anticipate increased truck traffic on Miles Road for the duration of construction activities.

To ensure public safety, the entirety of Miles Road End Parkette will be closed for the duration of construction activities.

Public Notices

Notice of Construction signage (see link below) will be placed at the parkette entrance prior to construction. Members of the community will also be notified before construction begins.


In accordance with Transport Canada’s Navigation Protection Program (NPP) notification requirements, TRCA has issued a Public Notice of Minor Works (see link below).

NPP Minor Works Public Notice

Project Updates

This section will be updated following commencement of construction activities.

Contact Us

The Planning Team is located at TRCA’s Boyd Field Centre in Vaughan:

Restoration and Infrastructure Division, Erosion Risk Management
9755 Canada Company Avenue
Vaughan, Ontario
L4H 0A3

For more information regarding this project, please contact the Project Manager:

Danielle Dellandrea, Project Manager
Erosion Risk Management
Restoration & Infrastructure
(416) 786-5064