Home Smith Park Weir Major Maintenance Project

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is planning to undertake major maintenance works on a failing retaining wall on the west bank of the Humber River adjacent to a weir in Home Smith Park, Toronto. The maintenance works will provide long-term protection to adjacent parkland and ensure public safety.

Project Location

The project is located in Home Smith Park, in the City of Toronto, southeast of the intersection of Royal York Road and Dundas Street West. The municipal address of the park is: 4101 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario.

Proposed access route and work area within Home Smith Park.
Figure 1. Proposed access route and work area within Home Smith Park.

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Project Background

TRCA has been monitoring the condition of the weirs in Home Smith Park annually through our Erosion Hazard Monitoring Program. In 2018, monitoring results showed that a concrete block retaining wall located along the west bank was failing. This retaining wall is adjacent to a weir known as FCC16.03 (4th weir south of Dundas Street West).

A section of the concrete block retaining wall had collapsed into the Humber River, as shown in the photo below. The river bank was also starting to erode along the collapsed section of the retaining wall.

Since 2018, the riverbank erosion has slowly worsened and is now posing a risk to parkland and public safety.

In Fall 2020, TRCA hired a design-build team, led by Dynex Construction Inc., to design and conduct maintenance work for this project.

Designs propose replacing the failed concrete block retaining wall with an armourstone retaining wall and installing a vegetated buttress at the downstream extent of the wall.

Photo showing river bank erosion along failing portion of retaining wall, adjacent to Home Smith Park weir
Figure 2. Riverbank erosion along failing portion of retaining wall, adjacent to concrete weir FCC16.03 in Home Smith Park.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for this project will include:

  • Project planning and detailed design development
  • Obtaining permits and approvals
  • Construction as per detailed designs
  • Post-construction restoration
Failed portion of concrete retaining wall facing upstream from Home Smith Park Road
Figure 3. Failed portion of concrete retaining wall, looking upstream from Home Smith Park Road.

Construction Information

Construction is scheduled for September 2021 and will take approximately 3 months to complete. Post construction restoration work (plantings) may take place in Spring 2022, depending on weather conditions. Work hours will be from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Construction access will be from Dundas Street West along Old Dundas Street and Home Smith Park Road. The work and material storage areas will be located beside the failed portion of the retaining wall (see Figure 1 above). The construction access route will be closed to vehicular traffic on weekdays. The work area will be closed for the duration of construction. Pedestrian traffic will be available during construction.

Due to the nature of the work, at times there may be construction related noise and dust. For your safety, please respect all posted construction signs and stay clear of the work areas and equipment. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Public Notices

Project signs have been installed in Home Smith Park to inform park users of important construction information. Notice of Construction flyers were distributed to landowners near the project work area and access road on July 15th, 2021.

Project Updates

Summer 2021

  • All permits/approvals have been received
  • Construction scheduled to commence the second week of September, 2021

Spring 2021

  • TRCA is currently in the planning, design development and permitting stage of the project. Detailed designs are being drafted and permits are being identified and collected.

Contact Us

For more information about this project, please contact:

Divya Sasi, Project Manager
Erosion Risk Management
Restoration & Infrastructure
9755 Canada Company Avenue, Vaughan L4H 0A3
(416) 661-6600 ext. 6463