Etobicoke Valley Park Major Maintenance Project

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is preparing to undertake a major maintenance project along Etobicoke Creek where failed and failing erosion control structures are currently placing the multi-use Etobicoke Creek trail at risk of further riverine erosion and slope instability.

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Project Location

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Project Site

The project site is located at two existing erosion control structures, a gabion basket retaining wall and a fieldstone revetment. Both structures show signs of significant degradation since their construction and were classified as ‘high priority’ in February 2018 for major maintenance works due to their proximity to sections of the multi-use Etobicoke Creek trail.

Gabion basket retaining
Gabion basket retaining wall showing signs of wire degradation, displacement, and undermining.
Field revetment structure
Fieldstone revetment with bank scouring.

Project Duration

Work is tentatively scheduled to begin in early 2019, pending receipt of all necessary permits and approvals, and is anticipated to be completed in the spring, 2019.

Scope of Work

Work will begin with the construction of a stone ramp into the watercourse to access the underside of the gabion baskets. Where the lower baskets have been removed, large stones will be stuffed into the voids and along the front to add support to the upper baskets. Working in an upstream to downstream manner, the stones will be placed in front of the baskets as the access road is removed.

Once equipment is out of the water, work will recommence from the top of bank. A bank stabilization measure involving the installation of large stones and dormant vegetation will be constructed for the remaining section. Following the bank work, a post-and-paddle fence will be installed adjacent to the path.

During favourable weather, plantings and paving of the park trail will begin.

Construction Information

Please obey all posted construction signage and stay clear of work areas and equipment.To protect your safety, we ask the public to exercise caution and stay clear of the work area and equipment while the project is underway.

During work hours, typically Monday to Friday 6:30 AM — 4:00 PM, dump trucks and other vehicular traffic will be travelling on all highlighted routes  and the trail will be closed from the playground/stockpile area to 350 metres south, beyond the work area (see Project Information Map).

On evenings and weekends, the trail around the work area will be opened. During the winter months, the trail is unmaintained by City of Toronto staff and will only be maintained by TRCA for the safe operation of vehicles and staff during construction.

Etobicoke Valley Park Major Maintenance Project Information Map

Etobicoke Valley Park Project information map

Public Notices

Project information signage has been erected throughout Etobicoke Valley Park and notices, like the one found at the link below, have been delivered to a number of properties adjacent to the work area.

Etobicoke Valley Park Major Maintenance – Notice of Construction

Contact Us

For more information about this project, please contact:

Natasha Gibson, Project Manager, Engineering Projects
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
Phone: 416-661-6600 ext. 5531

Current News

Week of July 8, 2019

Work is tentatively scheduled to being in mid July 2019, pending receipt of all necessary permits and approvals.

Week of February 18, 2019

The Etobicoke Valley Park Minor Maintenance Project has been rescheduled to begin in Summer 2019.

In accordance with TRCA best management practice, a few trees at the work site will be removed in Winter 2019, to avoid migratory bird nesting season.

Week of January 28, 2019

Construction has been temporarily delayed.