Denison Road West Upper Slope Stabilization – Class Environmental Assessment

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) has formally commenced Conservation Ontario’s Class Environmental Assessment for the Denison Road West Upper Slope Stabilization Project.

TRCA has commenced a study to investigate possible slope stabilization measures to address upper valley slope instability and erosion which is impacting residential properties at 48, 50, 52, and 66 Denison Road West and 28 Sykes Avenue, in the City of Toronto.

As part of the study, the cause and extent of the slope instability will be determined, alternative solutions to address the risk of slope instability to public and private property will be evaluated and a design for the preferred alternative will be finalized and implemented. The preferred alternative will provide long-term protection for essential structures at the top of the slope in the study area.

This project is being planned in accordance with Conservation Ontario’s Class Environmental Assessment for Remedial Flood and Erosion Control Projects (amended 2013), the approved process for this type of undertaking. TRCA invites you to participate in this study which includes public and stakeholder engagement. Your input will be incorporated in the planning and design process for this project.

Location of EA Study Area

Figure 1: Class EA study area map.

The Conservation Authority Class EA

The Conservation Ontario Class Environmental Assessment for Remedial Flood and Erosion Control Projects is being used to conduct this study. This process is for projects undertaken by a Conservation Authority that will protect human life and property in previously developed areas from an impending flood or erosion control problem. This Class EA process outlines the steps required to devise and select the best remedial erosion control measures for a project through a detailed technical and public evaluation of alternatives, and to identify the best means to mitigate any residual adverse environmental effects resulting from the project.

Agency and Public Consultation

The Conservation Authority Class EA process guarantees numerous opportunities for public and stakeholder participation throughout the planning stages of a project. Consultation will be coordinated by TRCA with updates and scheduled meetings being posted on this web-page.

Figure 2 shows project planning process following the Class EA requirements. Please check back to this section for future project updates.

Figure  2 Class Environmental Assessment process.

EA Documents

Notice of Intent

Contact Us

For more information about this project, please contact:

Ashour Rehana, Project Manager, Engineering Projects
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
Phone: 416-661-6600 ext. 5524